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Key factors to put in mind before building

Choosing the lowest bidder In most cases people concentrate on having the cheapest builder yet this could in the long run turn out costly. David Mugumba an engineer advises that your builder should have all the required papers that permit him to operate as an engineer.  And that in most cases builder who give low

Different ways to edge your compound

Edging is looked at as garden finishing. The garden gets to sparkle when there is an edge between plants, your lawn, the drive way or the side walk. A well designed compound can look better once it’s given a beautiful edging; garden edging helps to separate the lawn from flowers or lawns and flowers from

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How to choose a home builder or re-modeler

We all aim at choosing the best experts for our work for it to be done professionally and beautifully.  This is the same thing when choosing a home builder or remodeler. We need to look for the best people in order to get best results in our projects. Before choosing a person to do your

List of 8 gardening design trends

  Gardening has become innovative and creative all around the world. So many new and interesting ideas are coming up that left most compounds stunning. Of all these designs, some have been more demanded than others some because of their uniqueness, beauty or safety in a home. Here is a list of the most trending

Things to know before building on a hilly area

Building on a hill side gives us a beautiful view, however you need to keep the following in mind before constructing on a sloppy areas. Leveling the land Jamilu Baguma an engineer notes that it’s important to see that the land can clearly get leveled. “Some people don’t make the place flat which leads to