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How to choose the right windows for your house

So many people find it difficult to choose the best windows for their houses, here is a guide on how to choose good windows for your house as guided by John Kizza a furniture dealer. Window type What kind of windows do you want, there are louvered windows, Double-Hung Windows, Casement Windows,Awning Windows,Transom Window,Slider Windows,Stationary

Photo of Rajiv Ruparelia
Rajiv Ruparelia: Property owners likely to lose tenants,incur new costs after the Pandemic

In a webinar organized by Indian Business Forum for Real estate developers and property managers, property owners discovered that there are new costs that property owners have to incur brought by corona virus. Rajiv Ruparelia, the managing director of Ruparelia Group  that includes Crane Management Services and property developers Meera Investments, noted that the pandemic

Why you should hire a property Manager

Property management requires time and effort which most property owners may not have. For lack of time, many properties are neglected for months and left in hands of tenants who may not take good care. Here are some of the reasons you need you should  hire a property manager. To Manage your tenants Managing tenants