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Recently in Uganda, there have been some historical buildings that have been demolished and those that are still on the list or are being suggested to be demolished.

Due to the unbecoming trend, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is in the final stages of preparing a law which will help the Authority to protect, preserve and conserve Uganda’s historical sites and cultural heritage.

The Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago said the putting the law in place is going to help protect Uganda’s historical and cultural heritage that is at the risk of being destroyed by individuals.

The law includes sections that require government to acquire historical sites that are currently in the hands of private owners and where the property is not acquired by government, a fund is to be set up for owners as motivation to also help them maintain the sites.

In in order to deter the owners of the buildings from making changes that destroy the historical design, the new law will see to it that the history is preserved before the interest of the owners.

The historical buildings that have so far been destroyed are the Ndeeba church of Uganda, Pioneer mall which was the first Ugandan business mall and Watoto church building which was formerly known as Norman is also on the line.

KCCA and conservationist are still battling with Watoto church Ltd management to see to it that it is not demolished and if any changes are to be made then the original architectural design should not be altered

For now, Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda (CCFU) has compiled the sites in Kampala which will be preserved and conserved. They call upon KCCA will join in the effort to safe guard the historic buildings.

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