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Government has described affordable housing as one that doesn’t take up more than 30% of one’s income because it is not the only need that someone has to cover. This was explained by the director of housing Dave Kayangayanga who was representing State minister of lands Dr Chris Baryomunsi.

He acknowledged that housing is one of those expensive ventures and one of the components of housing delivery is the land and the infrastructure that have become a major hindrance since some category of people cannot afford.

Kayangayanga also revealed that with a housing deficit of 2 million houses, Uganda has 10 million people living homeless or in shelters that don’t qualify as decent housing shelters

In reference to the deficit, he explained it as both required and substandard houses that are not needed.

Also in terms of housing in the country, the Jinja city authorities were urged by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), to construct low cost housing estates for low income earners since the population in the area is growing.

Christine Akello, deputy executive director of the National Environment Management Authority, said most substandard structures are unplanned and built overnight.

Akello tasked the authorities to copy the example of Kampala Capital City Authority, which has 79% high quality standard toilets at various stops with hand-washing containers

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