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A number of us believe that you can only build after accumulating a lot of money. Well this isnt the case, experts say you can build with the little you get and have the house of your dreams. Here is what people say about building with minimal finances.

Make your own bricks

Jane Kahunde notes that as long as you have land, building is not a problem.  make brick from your land and level it for building after.

“I made all the brick that built my house with my husband, with this the money that would have bought bricks, was saved,” she says.

Open an account in hard ware shops

so many hardware shops have given people an opportunity to open up accounts and pay for materials that they can pick when they start building.

James Kaganzi notes that he had been paying for materials in a hardware shop in Namugongo for two years and now building is swift since he has all the materials needed.

“I noticed that I can have the money to buy all the materials at once, for two years, I paid Ush 20,000 a week and got a receipt. When is noticed i have accumulated enough, I began building,” he says.

However you need to trust your money with a genuine hard ware shop to avoid regrets.

Reduce your expenditure

To most Ugandans, our expenditure is more than our savings, its important to reduce on the money you spend on a daily and add that to your construction. Yesterday we had a story of Mickie Wine who shifted to an incomplete house to use the money he would be spending on rent to complete his house. You can do the same.

Take Part

If you aren’t so busy, participate in the construction process so that the money you would incur for extra labour is saved and transferred to another¬† thing. Kaganzi adds that your presence will also reduce on wastage of materials or even stealing by some engineers and builders.

Build in Phases

Yes its very nice to build a house and finish it within a month or three, but it also no crime to build according to your pocket. Martin Okwi built his house for 7 years.

“If you don’t have the money, add a phase as it comes however little. like a saying going ” nothing is wrong with going slow as long as you dont stop”, you should build bit by bit until you are proud,” he says.

Get a loan

If you are paying so much in rent, you get a loan, complete your house and use the money that would have paid rent to repay your loan.

Do small things yourself

Why hire someone to do your gardening yet you can do it yourself. Get plants and lawn from friends plant your garden. You can also look up ideas on the internet especially Utube to have it set right and beautifully.

Have financial discipline

Dont waste your money on unproductive things, cut on the luxury and concentrate on building, good things never end.

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