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As Uganda’s knockdown is extended by 21 days, questions about whether tenant should pay rent or not continue to arise. Tenants note that they have been home and not earned so it would unfair for them to be charged. Here is what the different stake holders think about paying rent in this corona virus lock down.

Joan Muzoora a trader notes that she is going to a second month without earning yet she has to pay rent for both her shop and home.

“I think the president should think about the rent issue seriously, some of us are failing to even feed our families so how will we pay rent, the little money we had saved is all spent” she says.

Just like Joan, Peter Musoke a hawker notes that he doesn’t think he will be able to pay rent, he sold all his goods, used the money to feed family in this period.He doesn’t even have capital to start with when the lock down is lifted.

“These landlords should understand that the times are bad and shouldn’t wait for the presidents directive. let them give us two or three months free as we set to get back on our feet,” he says.

Ahmed Kakande a landlord in Namuwongo notes that tenants should know that just like they rely on their jobs, landlords also rely on their houses for an income. He says they can only give tenants time or charge them half the rent because everyone is affected.

“Tenants shouldn’t act like they are the most affected because we all are, we just have look for a mechanism that benefits the both of us,” he adds.

Betty Mato a tenant also notes that she can give her tenants time to work and pay at their own pace, she says  it would be inhuman for her to push people out yet she she sees the times are bad.

“Even if they choose to pay Ughs 50,000 installments as long as they give me a plan of how they are going to do it, I will have no problem with anyone,” she says adding that she pays rent and power for all the rooms so asking tenants not to pay would be unjust to her.

Do you think tenants should pay rent or not? Leave your comments.

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