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The reason we work hard is to have a good life and some of the things that bring comfort is having land and a house of your own. So to have a comfortable life, you need to look for a good place to buy land. Here are some of the things that you should put into consideration when buying land for a residential house.


Jamil Baguma an Engineer notes that you should be mindful of where the land located, it’s very important that you buy land in a strategic place.  Land that’s near the main road and social services like water, electricity, schools, hospitals and roads.

How is the topography like, is it flat or hilly”, will the house be affected by floods or not, who are your neighbors, are they hostile or friendly. It important to know the people you are going to stay next to because some are unbearable.

“Does the environment give you room to relax or its next to noisy places like bars and night clubs, it’s very sad to discover the place is uncomfortable after paying for the land,” he says.

In addition to that, check the kind of environment, is it comfortable without dirt or garbage disposal. Janat Makula discovered her land was near a big garbage disposal after she had already paid for it, she therefore advises that you check the surrounding area carefully before paying for the land.


“Is there a road that leads to your land or you will have to go through people’s houses to reach your house?  It’s very important that you buy land that’s easily accessible, it could be a little disturbing to go through people’s houses to reach your house,” he says.

You shouldn’t buy land that isn’t easily accessible in terms of distance. Baguma advises that you get land that is comfortable, strategic and accessible.


The security in that area should be good, make sure there are no serious crime records, the land should be near a police station or has local security personals (LDU’s), is it in a safe location (for some land, you have to go through a variety of dark corners before reaching the house) this could be dangerous for people who stay out late in the night or leave home very early in the morning. Baguma says that however good the land is if it doesn’t have good security, it’s not worth buying

Land title     

Peter Kigumba a property agent in Mukono notes that to avoid pulling ropes, buy land that has a land title. You should also consider doing a search at Ministry of lands to make sure that the land belongs to that person selling to you.

“People sell the same plot of land to more than one person, you don’t need fall victim to this so take caution when time is due,” he says.

Activities in the area

What’s the main activity in the area, are you comfortable with what the people do, some places have prostitution going on, clubbing, piggery or livestock farming and the neighborhood may be messy among other things. Learn the activities in the place and see if you would be comfortable living in that area for the rest of your life.


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