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Due to the high standards of living, thieves are in a rise especially in urban areas.  To protect your property and in mates, you have to put protective measures to bar thieves from entering your premises. Here are a few things you can incorporate to protect your house.

Burglar designs

Use burglar designs for your windows and doors. John Mwezi a carpenter notes that these will not only bar thieves from entering your house but will also keep your children safe those living on storage buildings.
Betty Kiiza an interior design notes that burlgar designs come in different shapes and sizes and your choice matters.
“Rather than just having burglar designs put up on your windows and doors. Take time to choose those that will give you both protection and beauty,” she says.
Strong material 
Choose burglar designs that are strong enough to bar thieves from entering the house. Choose appealing designs that will also give your windows or doors beauty.
” We have those that are oval, flower like, lourver form among others” Mwezi says.
They should add beauty to the house
 The burglar designs you choose should be able to complement the windows and doors in shape, colour among other features.
 Photo by Property Week Uganda.
You can use glass bottles
Kiiza notes that this an old way of controlling thieves from entering the house and it’s still greatly embraced.
“Empty soda bottles are broken into pieces and plugged into raw cement and when it dries, they are create a barrier on the walk that bars people from getting into the house,” she adds.
 Photo by Property Week Uganda.
Barbed wires
These are pinned on top of the walls and are connected to electricity. Anyone trying to get into the house via the fence is electrified.
Kwezi also notes that  some people continue to put burglar designs on wall fences which also do a great work in barring thieves from entering the house as this makes the fence higher.
 Photo by Property Week Uganda.

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