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Water and electricity are some of the biggest bills home owners have to foot every month. However water bills can be toned down depending on how much you use the water in a home. Here are some of the things you can do to reduce water wastage in a home.

Install water tanks

Water tanks will save you a whole lot of money spent on water bills, primarily this will help you harvest rain water which you can use when it rains to save the tap water.

Alternatively, you can store the water in a tank, Jane Musumba a landlady notes that people waste so much water when it’s gotten directly from the tap.

In the Bathroom.

Reduce the pressure and Install a low shower head

Some water taps bring out water with a very high pressure which makes it flash everywhere, buy a tap that brings out water at a relatively low pressure.

Peter Muzora a plumber notes that you can also think of installing low shower heads, this will help you reduce the amount of water splashing in the rooms as compared to having a high shower head.

Don’t let the water run when you do other things like brushing, “most people will leave water running in the sink even when they are brushing which is also water wastage. You can carry a cup to measure the water you use as you brush, especially for children as they waste so much water,” he adds.

The Kitchen

Betty Kiyinji a mother notes that washing utensils is one of the things that take the most water in the kitchen, this is because most people keep the water running through the whole process as they wash an item at a time. To save water, have two vessels (dish or saucepan) and fill it with water, one should be for washing and the other for rinsing. This will save you so much water.

You can also store water in jerrycans, people will always find it easy to open a tap as compared to getting water in the jerrycan as it requires a little more effort. Gauge the amount of water that will be enough for the day and lock the tap.

Talk to the people at home

Kiyinji adds that talk to the people at home and teach them all the different ways to save water, this is because you may economize but the people you live with will not which makes no sense. Tell them how the water bill is high and what they need to do to reduce water wastage.

Wash at once

Musumba says that some people wash a cloth per day which wastes a lot of water, choose a day and wash all your clothes at once. The water that washes one cloth can wash 10 or 20 clothes.

Reduce shower time

We have seen people who stand on a shower for more than 30 minutes every day. It’s a good feeling to have water pour on your head but very costly at the end of the month. Reduce on the time you spend on a shower, you can choose to use a bucket to scrub yourself and stand on a shower for five minutes.

Repair linkages

Muzora notes that sometimes most of the water in the house is due to linkage in the pipes, loose taps among others, fix this problem to avoid wasting water as every drop counts.


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